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Tim & Eric Call Apple iTunes, Re: Podcast

Tim and Eric try and secure some funding. Read More

God’s Pottery - Comedy Central’s First Web-Only Release

God's Pottery kicks off the first of a few digital-only releases, including upcoming works from Hard 'n Phirm and Mike Birbiglia. Read More

“Wainy Days” Returns with a Second Season

I play catch up with David Wain's web series for My Damn Channel. I can't believe I hadn't watched them until yesterday. Read More

Army Man and the Last Writers Strike: Lessons for Today?

The 'zine that was the source for the Simpsons writing staff could tell us something about today's writers strike. Read More

Comedians of Comedy 2007 Tour Diary

Patton, Brian and Maria bring the tour to SuperDeluxe - in little semi-staged chunks. Read More

Patrice O’Neal + White People = Patrice O’Neal Podcast

I think it’s very easy to misjudge Patrice O’Neal as a comic, I certainly never expected to like him as much as I do. But the first time I saw Patrice perform live, I had that moment when you… Read More

Super Deluxe premieres “Derek and Simon” from Bob Odenkirk

Odenkirk finally gets a chance to play with the characters crafted for an HBO show in “Derek and Simon: Baby Talk” - the first installment of what will hopefully be a long run on Super Deluxe. Read More
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