Super Deluxe premieres “Derek and Simon” from Bob Odenkirk

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Super Deluxe debuts the first installment of “Derek and Simon” - the Bob Odenkirk directed and produced series. “Derek and Simon” started off as a TV Show for HBO, turned into a pair of shorts for Sundance after the network failed to pick it up. I like how “Derek and Simon” has a Maxim-ish bros-before-hos feel and then turns into something far more nuanced and uncomfortable. The silent movie style titles are also right—for a reason I can’t put a finger on.

I love how the buddy “forgot” that little detail about his girlfriend - it looks like a regular world, but logic doesn’t get in the way of a good joke (and even becomes the foundation for another).

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Posted by Adam on 05/19  at  03:21 AM

I’m not sure I’d agree—I was disappointed by this piece primarily because the gag was so illogical. Beyond just him somehow forgetting she was deaf, why did he say that that was how they talked in the bedroom if that’s how she talked when they met? Yeah, the gag was fine, but I felt the attempt to justify it was hamfisted at best—if part of the joke was the illogic of the setup, there could have been much more done to pull that theme out; if not, then the setup was just illogical.

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