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April Fools, the Day Comedians Stay Home (Save for One)

April Fools, the Day Comedians Stay Home (Save for One)

Comedians usually abstain from Corporate Open Mic Night… but Silicon Valley must be promoted. Read More

The iPhone App “This Just In” - A Monologue in Your Pocket

The only kind of humor available on the iPhone has been fart noises, until this new app featuring current events jokes from comedy writers. Read More

Tosh.0 Not Just Calling the Net Zeroes

It's easy to slam the subjects of viral videos, it's a little more fun to treat them like people. Read More

SNL Player Casey Wilson Can Read This, You Know?

A vid that make lemonade of pissy Internet comments. Read More

PBS Looks into What Will “Make ’Em Laugh”

PBS begins a six part exploration into American humor which looks to have a depth and a stretching broadness. And a seventh part on the web that's a bit of a goof. Read More

Plug Pulled on SuperDeluxe. Not All Survives to Adult Swim.

The innovative but dead dot com got moved yesterday. And some creator were apparently left a little surprised and in a lurch. Read More

Monty Python to YouTube: “Call it a Draw”

The Pythons let us have the sketches and, hopefully in what will be proven to be a smart move, ask us to buy the physical media if we like 'em so much. Read More
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