Category: Funny 2.0

Patton Fan of Patton

This showed up in my facebook feed the other day. Read More

The Office: Kevin’s Loan, Part 1

You'll probably be scanning the webisode's background for the rest of the cast, but it's still The Office. Read More

Donnie’s Back Cause You Still Suck (and Demanded It)

You Suck at Photoshop not only mines laughs from pathetic victories but it's also innovative. Read More

Pixar Hits the Wall-E with Olde English Trailer

Olde English skewers Pixar for what it is and isn't. Read More

No Bits for Birbiglia on the Showalter Showalter

Birbiglia won't let Showalter set him up... Read More

Katt Williams Also Playing Liberty City’s Split Sides (in GTA IV)

A very different performer from Ricky Gervais takes the virtual stage. Read More

Ricky Gervais Plays Liberty City’s Split Sides (from GTA IV)

Gervais takes the virtual stage in the next iteration of Rockstar's satirical video game. Read More
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