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George Lopez

George Lopez by member Scouper

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Salt Lake 2021. He came out quite drunk appeared to me, and sticks his tongue out in a strange way every few seconds like his mouth is dry.  This is the first time I’d ever seen him do stand up, so maybe this is always what he does but it is off-putting. His material is one dimensional—kind of a grumpy old man schtick, basically talks about his tough childhood—that’s it. In this set it was a lot of jokes about kids basically being abused (school of hard knocks type stuff) which can be funny at times but get old.  I am a white guy middle age so yes some of the material will reverberate more with Mexican heritage folks who have relatives and uncles grandmother’s grandfathers that this would remind them of, but overall just too much of the same thing and bordering on mean. Also threw in some weird comments about special needs kids as well as an odd riff on female teachers sleeping with students that was just creepy fantasy. Also some stuff on aging and ED which were flat.  I think his delivery is still solid he really can do the faces and physical humor pretty well uses the microphone, sound effects well but again combined with weak material just doesnt get off the ground. Crowd was mostly into it but felt more like sympathy and respect for his overall career—not really for the set. Name brand recognition is carrying him right now. I thought the opening act was much better covered a lot more ground a lot more diversity in his jokes. He had put in some work to understand the local Utah culture and had some nice riffs on that.

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