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Bill Maher on Oneness

When I was in college I had this hippie girlfriend and she said, "Well, it's like, when we make love, there's no me and no you. Our bodies are like one continuous being."
I said, "OK, but how about paying some attention to our dick."

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Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows

by member Mitch



I have a couple of notes for the mostly entertaining Mr. Meadows: Maybe don’t insult the city you’re performing in right out of the gate. St. Louis is more than the Arch - next time you’re on WTF with Marc Maron ask him about it. Second, you come off shallow and bitter - and most importantly, unfunny - when you whine about why you don’t have Will Farrell’s career. (He actually said if he did, he would just fly over STL and wouldn’t “have” to come here and do stand up - how’s that for love?)

Another low point is a “I love weed” that would have fit in a 1970s Cheech & Chong bit.

BUT there were many smart, funny moments. Overall it was enjoyable, though I don’t think I need to bother seeing him again.

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