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Larry the Cable Guy on Driving

Ever drive down the highway and a policeman gets up behind you? Then everybody goes two by two behind him. He’s like the interstate pace car. Then he gets off at the exits and we’re back to green flag racing!

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Steven Wright

Steven Wright by member Barf Simpson

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I haven’t seen Steven Wright in decades, so I was intrigued when he showed up to perform at a local casino. My experience is that most comedians update and hone their act over time.  But no, not Steven Wright.  He’s still telling all the same jokes today that he told 30 years ago.  He even leaves in the old jokes about his visit to a video rental store.  No noticeably new material, absolutely no audience interaction, and nothing spontaneous.  Seriously, save your ticket money and watch the YouTube video of his first Tonight Show appearance in 1982, because he uses all the exact same jokes in his 21st century show.

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