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Jen Kirkman on Parenting

I don’t want to be a mom. I could easily be a dad. I could lie on a couch and have my kid come up to me for the first time when they’re 5 years old and go, “Dad, can I go outside?”
“I dunno, ask your mother.”
That I can do. I’d be amazing at that.

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Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus

by member LEONA



I’ve seen him at least 4 other times. He’s used to be hilarious.
NOW, he’s an angry ranting liberal comedian.  His content was shitty, after 2 years of lockdowns WE DON’T WANT TO REHASH HEAR ALL THE MISERY, WE ALL ENDURED with VID~ lockdown & freedoms lost. We go to comedy to forget all the BS.
He spoke of how the country is divided, then PROCEEDS to lay out his liberal agenda.
If you want to hear him rant 15 min on White Supremacy, He’s your guy.
If you want to be shamed and told HAHA you are going to DIE b/c you CHOSE not to take the “jab” Vakk, he’s your guy.
This was the first comedy show in 2 years our group of 6 went to see. We were able to go b/c Chicago did not require Vakk to see him. So, being shamed & ridiculed for not participating in the medical experiment was a display of LIBERALS intolerance & need to shame/bully others in compliance. I, We 6 of Us who went will not spend hard-earned $$ to support this artist in the future.
Judging by the applause, he lost 70% or more of the audience with this BS.
He also was gaslighting the audience with ” conspiracies”  on child trafficking, adrenochrome, and other elite past times.  He’s clearing trying to plant the seed these things are BS. However, WE are not stupid and WE know these things happen.
We also know it’s going to ALL become public knowledge.  Makes me think, he’s in this group of people he’s trying to protect.
Such a waste of $$ and time.  SO, disappointed, he was one of our all-time favs. He’s shown his true colors.
He is ignorant, the reason his show was almost full opening night is the VAKK restrictions were just lifted !!! 
He might want to take a look at Heather Mcdonals, who was bragging about her Vakk status on stage, ten passed out, fractured her skull, live in concert. NOW says she regrets doing it. OR Chelsea Handler who also bragged & shamed other ended up in hospital with neur damage/she says and had to cancel her tour. She regrets her choice. Or Bob Saget who bragged as well and ” died” of brain/clot Sudden & unexpected. 
So, Titus stop the shaming & gaslighting. I have had a wake up after your white supremecy BS. My NEW favorite TITUS is a black man, very intelligent, and speaks the truth.
He’s on Guttfeld.  Thanks for helping me pasty white titus, for seeing the error of my ways.
You might want to downsize your house now, b/c your tour is going to fail, and you are loosing some of your loyalist fans.

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