Plug Pulled on SuperDeluxe. Not All Survives to Adult Swim.

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Just yesterday Adult Swim officially shut down Super Deluxe. And not everything got moved over to its new home on AdultSwim.

Making the cut were some naturals… Bob Odenkirk and Brad Neely and a surprise but personal favorite, Y’all So Stupid. Tim & Eric’s work will also be up there, although it’s not yet. But lots of creators have apparently been left in the lurch and isurprise by this.

Among them, Bill Doty of Fark TV. As he states that he knew this was coming, but:

I wasn’t clear how’d they organize our shows or display the current info and stats.

...I replied to Turner asking if they’d eventually show our episodes again and they said… nothing. No response. Who loves ya baby!

P.S. VP Paul Condolora, Suck it!

Paul’s the Cartoon Network New Media guy. Just to make that clear, that it’s not a random “Suck it!”

According to a post by Peter Atencio, who co-wrote and shot Jonah Ray’s “Freeloaders Guide to Easy Living”, dropping the content went against early promises by the company.

Fortunately, for Peter, he’s got the videos he made at hand. So he posted his “Freeloader Guide” up on Vimeo, which I imagine will be the fate of quite a few things. (Other videos by creators have made it to Funny or Die.) Paul’s not doing so bad either - Fark TV lives to some degree on now.

Still this has to be disheartening as SuperDeluxe was, despite its failure, a great treasure trove of funny stuff. If you where any SuperDeluxe original is living now, please post it in the comments and I’ll update this post accordingly. (particularly curious about things such as “PriceMeanwhile, here’s that first episode of “Freeloaders Guide to Easy Living.”


Another group taken by surprise: Olde English, which as group member Adam Conover states, renders “two years of Olde English videos inaccessible.”

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Posted by lanebrain65 on 12/20  at  02:17 PM

If they don’t put The Maria Bamford Show back up, I’m going to find this Paul Condolora guy and punch him right in the nose.

Posted by Wayne Alan Harold on 12/20  at  10:34 PM

I’m really shocked that Lance Myers’ TED ZONE didn’t make the Adult Swim transfer—it was popular and seemed like a natural fit.

The ” voice” of Ted, “Genuine Nerd” Toby Radloff and I made a number of videos for Super Deluxe, so I still have them. I don’t think that I’m going to put them up, though—I’m trying to start fresh with my own online video thingamajig:

Super Deluxe was fun while it lasted . . . but fortunately, I’ve already gone through the Kübler-Ross “five stage process!”  😛

Posted by tom on 12/21  at  01:37 AM

They won’t put the Bamford show back.  They’re trying to emphasize comedy now.

Posted by lanebrain65 on 12/22  at  01:50 PM

The Maria Bamford Show seems to have migrated to Joost, for the time being.

Tom, here’s some comedy I’m sure you’ll find hilarious:

Posted by Louis Katz on 12/23  at  12:45 PM

I’m slowly putting my old superdeluxe stuff up on youtube at

Posted by John on 12/25  at  12:51 AM

Bahhhh best show on Adult Swim is Robot Chicken.

Sam Vargo
Posted by Sam Vargo on 01/24  at  02:56 PM

Adult Swim is hilarious. It’s an all-you-can digest smorgasboard of comedy, satire and absurdity. . . .I think Adult Swim has it goin’ on, man, and some of the best comedy of the ages has evolved from comics wondering around in the dark. . . .Tim & Eric are a hoot, man, a crazy hoot. The good professor is so stupid and inane he’s actually a comic genius. . . .Adult Swim, you guys rule man, I mean you RULE!!!

Sam Vargo
Posted by Sam Vargo on 01/24  at  02:58 PM

I know Adult Swim will never drown. . . .Only good things are ahead for this group of outrageously funny knuckleheaded rocket scientists. . .Dead frogs don’t lie, Todd Jackson, they don’t lie. . . .

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