Monty Python to YouTube: “Call it a Draw”

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Monty Python just created an original YouTube channel. Here’s the announcement, pointing out how regularly their classic sketches made it to the video site, and then concludes with a funny but not unsubtle appeal to people’s better natures to buy the stuff if they like it so much.

The sketch group was an early adopter the web, so I’m a little surprised that they didn’t do this sooner. But naturally, when they do it, it’s done right: putting up the definitive versions of their sketches at the best quality possible. And the commercial inducement is actually restrained, not mentioning the recently released Flying Circus Megaset, which happens to coincide with the launch of the YouTube channel. (Note: I am not so shameless.)

So far there’s about 20 sketches, plus clips of what look to be new interviews (probably for said megaset) and some home movie stuff. Included in that 20 are pretty much all the usually suspects including Argument Clinic, Ministry of Silly Walks and the Black Knight. They’re definitely aiming for the stuff with mass appeal (and, as suggested, the oft-uploaded).

Of course, if you didn’t know the exhaustive amount of material produced by the Pythons, this short clip featuring Eric Idle talking about the difficulties in the writing process with three of the Pythons, you might wonder if the channel had anything at all.

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Posted by Danny on 11/20  at  02:07 AM

It was inevitable that they would get their own YouTube page. I hope they put up more personal interviews and stories and not just sketches we’ve all seen a million times and memorized. They’re still funny, but we need backstory. It’s like crack to a comedy geek.

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