Category: Funny 2.0

Doug Benson’s “I Love Movies”

With a theme song from Hard 'n Phirm, the web column goes to video courtesy of Super Deluxe Read More

Human Giant Season 2 Preview: Viral Videos

A video from the UCB preview of the second season has made it online. Read More

Meet “Horrible People”

Watch this pitch perfect soap opera parody from MyDamnChannel. Read More

Bird Poop In Mouth Fake, Bob Odenkirk Genius

Odenkirk shows how to best found comedy. Read More

Eugene Mirman, Scientologist

The latest video savaging Tom Cruise that the no horse is ever dead, if you have the right tools to beat it. Read More

UCBComedy Launches with “Shirts vs. Skins”

UCB launches their own web video portal starting with the original “Shirts vs Skins.” A good idea in this increasingly-crowded space? Read More
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