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The Comedy Awards 2012 Live Blog

The Comedy Awards 2012 Live Blog

All the night’s events, including the right/wrong ratio for my real ballot. Read More
Mr. No Show

Mr. No Show

Bob and David fans will have more reason to hate Hollywood when Grand Central Publishing releases the book Hollywood Said No, a collection of ideas, pitches and scripts from Bob Odenkirk and David… Read More

The Micky-Ficky Complete “State” DVD Out Now

Just got my copy. Haven't poured through it, but it's been so long in coming, I feel the need to pimp it. Read More

SNL Player Casey Wilson Can Read This, You Know?

A vid that make lemonade of pissy Internet comments. Read More

Was Lost, But Now Found. The State’s “Comedy For Gracious Living”

The aptly-named Comedy Nerds have made a discovery that’s quite welcome. The State’s “Comedy for Gracious Living” - the lost album recorded by the group for Warner Brothers… Read More

It’s Official: The State comes to DVD July 14.

The upcoming release gates a date and a promotional youtube vid. Both here. Read More

Who’s on First? Everybody. Everybody.

It's like a clean version of the Aristocrats Joke, it can be played a thousand different ways. Read More
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