Category: Funny 2.0

Mo Diggs’ Comedy 2.0

The first in a new column about the intersection of comedy and technology, here some thoughts about how comedy is gravitating to the web and drama is sticking with TV. Read More

Michael Showalter Showalter Showalters other Web Showalters Up

Michael Showalter interviews other comics for College Humor. It might sound a little missmatch-y, but I don't think so... Read More

Sodom and Gomorrah Burns Down. Super Deluxe Launches.

Turner Entertainment launches Super Deluxe, inflicting Brad Neely and his depraved telling of the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah on all of us. Watch it and a little something called “Y’all So Stupid.” Read More

The Making of a Unmade Pauly Shore Hoax

Pauly Shore gives the making behind his failed attempt at creating a viral sensation. Read More

Comedy Available in Super Deluxe

Broadband comedy is getting ubiquitous, but Turner starting a site that sounds like it might rise to the top: Super Deluxe. Read More

The Funniness Common Cold

Are we really in an epidemic of people trying to be funny or is it just a reveal of what's always been there? Read More

A Place for Comedy

Comedy communities are a huge hole on the web and I feel are vastly underserved. So I was very pleased to discover that MySpace has added MySpace Comedy (which seems to have been soft-launched… Read More
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