Category: Funny 2.0

Off the Web

Web humorists are invited to show off their works in Aspen. Read More

iTunes Adds More Stand-Up

New downloads includes Jim Gaffigan, Greg Giraldo and Demetri Martin. And all of them have pierced iTunes Top 100. Read More

Comedy Genre Comes to iTunes

Now comedy fans have a central place to find the latest releases on the digital music store. Read More

Ricky Gervais Show Podcasting now

First episode is up on the Guardian site and you'll think David Brent is normal compared to Karl Pilkington. Read More It’s possible.

Marking yourself as a funny one before they double-click on your letter. Read More

Almost as Hilarious as Myers-Briggs

An online personality test that measures what type of funny you enjoy. That should eat up 10 minutes of your day. Read More

Sorry, Your HMO Doesn’t Cover The Pacifier

Scientists persist in their attempts to prove the title of Readers Digest joke section is accurate. In a test, researchers at University of Maryland found volunteers’ blood vessels could expand… Read More
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