I’m Not Chevy Chase and I’m Pretty OK With That.

You know how people complain when comedians try serious roles? All kinds of bitchin’ and moanin’ that demands comics to “just be funny.” Well, there one guy who never waivered… Read More

Red States Need to Laugh Too, Y’know

Last night, I came home to catch The Daily Show and discovered that Blue Collar TV now reruns on Comedy Central. As a former Atlantan and Southerner, I felt the need to rewind the TiVo to see what I… Read More

Network News is what Closes on Saturday Night

There’s been talk about the July 28th Nightline, which featured an exchange between Ted Koppel and Jon Stewart that some say outlines the gulf between old and new TV journalism. The description… Read More

Chappelle Coming Back… I ain’t typing “Biatches!” It’s not funny unless Dave says it.

Despite recent ungrateful stand-up audiences, Dave Chappelle’s signed for two more seasons of Chappelle’s Show. Chappelle has mentioned the show’s a success because he writes it as… Read More

Team America: An Act of Terror?

Well, no. But a nice inflammatory headline, huh? In the trailer to their new marionette movie Team America, Trey Parker and Matt Stone promise that George Bush, among others, won’t be happy when… Read More

Sitcom’s Great White Hope Gets Some Hype

“The sitcom is in trouble” story is both true and in nearly as much trouble as the sitcom itself for one reason: it’s been written for the past five years. There are no more fresh… Read More

This Land Is Our Land

I’m sure you’ve seen the very funny cartoon done by the folks at JibJab that uses a parody of “This Land is Your Land” as a vehicle to have some fun with both candidates and,… Read More
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