LCS Slam Just For Laughs Insists Houston

Comic Sharon Houston popped up on The Special Thing Comedy Boards to explain her intentions behind the Fahrenheit: LCS2 video she made. She seems genuinely shocked that it’s gotten the attention… Read More

If You’re Comparing 9/11 and LCS2 Haven’t You Lost Perspective?

Last Comic Standing 2 is all over. But some comics still have axes to grind about it. Over at you can watch Fahrenheit LCS2 (third item down), where comic Sharon Houston overlays… Read More

Armed with a +4 Vorpal Smirk

Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert reinforces the stereotype of comedians as popular, bullying jocks in high school… in an alternate universe! Gamespy reminisces about 30 years of Dungeons… Read More

An Interview with a 2,000 Year Old Man (Minus 1920 years or so)

NPR has an interview with Carl Reiner where he talks about his long career. Check it out, if you got the time. Read More

Last Comic Standing Breaks Glass’ Ceiling

Todd Glass has begun to sell out comedy clubs as a result of the appearances on Last Comic Standing. The Los Angeles Times article refers to how Todd tweaks the stand-up profession too. His act was my… Read More

Don’t Blame the Messenger. Blame the Guy Who Makes Fun of the Messenger

A University of Michigan study has linked voter apathy to late night TV. The report links lack of voting with viewership of Letterman, Leno, etc. There’s also the corollary that watching… Read More

Hey Craig, Would Lizz Blow You Now?

Late night underwent a sudden shift last week when Craig Kilborn announced he was leaving The Late Late Show. I’ve never been a big fan of the man… the smugness always wore on me. He did… Read More
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