Felt Patton and It was Good

Out o’ curiosity, I ended up on iTunes looking for Patton Oswalt’s Feelin’ Kinda Patton and lo and behold, there it was. I gave it a listen and found it incredibly entertaining.… Read More

I’m Actually Feeling a Little Posehn, but He Doesn’t Have an Album

Neglected to mention I listened to David Cross’s It’s Not Funny while on vacation too.  There’s nothing like driving through the deep woods in Larry the Cable Guy country and… Read More

Space for Rent: Bar, Exposed Brick Walls, Microphone Included

Been a little too long. Won’t space these out so much. The New York Daily News ran a perennial reporter-tries-comedy story today. I don’t know why editors accept such stories (or why a… Read More

Saturday Night Beaten To Death

More on SNL, God help us all: One of the things I remember from that New York Magazine 1995 piece was an irate Al Franken yelling at Janeane Garofalo during a rehearsal for attempting to remember her… Read More

Mohr Gasping…

Those seeking the ultimate skeletons-in-the-closet tell-all about SNL will be a little disappointed with Gasping for Airtime. The book does have some candid details about some cast members and… Read More

My Summer Vacation Book Report

Back from Maine, having had my fill of lobster meat and bargain clothing. Also read Gasping for Airtime by Jay Mohr. For those of you unfamiliar with the title, Jay Mohr talks candidly about his two… Read More

Friday Ha Ha: How Do You Like Them Apples?

I’m in Maine next week, so Dead Frog will be on hiatus until June 28th. Meanwhile, here’s some funny for you nerds. —- HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? An adventure for characters level… Read More
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