Fill Time with Phil

L.A. Weekly asks a great question: why doesn’t radio genius Phil Hendrie have a TV show yet? Might just be that his talent for holding conversations with himself that sound like two entirely… Read More

He’s Dave Chappelle, Assholes!

Dave Chappelle walks off stage after “fans” relentlessly yell “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” Not only are these people killing Chappelle’s stand-up, they’re… Read More

There’s Really Funny and there’s Reality Funny.

TiVo forsook me again with Last Comic Standing. Part two of the Vegas finals aired tonight and TiVo didn’t know it, even know it was on the schedule. Weird. Hopefully, I’ll catch the… Read More

I Don’t Think I’ve Seen Enough…

Way behind in the TiVo viewing. Not only have I watched just one of the eps of Last Comic Standing, I have 43 episodes of Comedy Central Presents on my addictive little box. Again, 43. Good thing I… Read More

Friday HA-HA: Channel 7 Not On Your Side?

Channel 7 may NOT be on your side? The special report… here on Channel 7! You’ve seen their ads on television. (A quick clip of an attractive but not beautiful woman in a business suit.… Read More


Got comments coming on Last Comic Standing, but waiting for the Comedy Central re-airing of the second episode because my TiVo only caught the first half due to somebody’s funeral coverage. Ack,… Read More

My Liberal Bias Already Rears Its Filthy, Ugly Head.

The #1 tenet of comedy: If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re not doing your job. Corollary: Try to aim for Republicans… they’re pretty easy targets. Apparently, being had… Read More
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