TV Critic Survivors Tell Tales of Pilot Error

A mediabistro article invites you to join critics as they remember the worst TV pilots they ever saw. Lots o’ sitcoms get the shout out including, the current Center of the Universe, the… Read More

AFI Discovers Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s getting the AFI Star Award at this year’s Aspen Comedy Festival. Yawn. Considering the state of film comedy, I’m surprised Jim Carrey didn’t win sooner. Of course,… Read More

How to Talk Dirty and Influ…

Shout Factory just put out a huge six disc set of Lenny Bruce’s comedy entitled Let The Buyer Beware. Great for any comedy completists who need to know who created the path stand-ups tread… Read More

Wernham Hogg Doesn’t Need a Portal to Hell. It is Hell.

Apparently the developers of Doom 3 were huge fans of the Office. Hidden in the game is a email from Brent encouraging “Finchy” to bone up for Quiz Night, a reference to an episode from… Read More

Sitcom, Schmitcom. Louis CK Got a HBO Special!

Louis CK’s getting a chance to helm his own sitcom on HBO. Louis’ focus is a little different, at least for now. As he describes it, along with the development deal, he’s definitely… Read More

No Pride in Father (Or This Headline)

Caught Father of the Pride. Nothing really funny about it, sad to say. Father looks amazing. Dazzling animation doesn’t make for good jokes. The camera and animators often get in the way of the… Read More

Jonathan Swift’s Intellectual Descendents for Truth

On Sunday, The New York Times described why jokes about George Bush have become far more aggressive and political. For the most part, all the reasons they point out (the unpopularity of his policies… Read More
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