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Doug Benson’s “I Love Movies”

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Super Deluxe converts Doug Benson‘s “I Love Movies” to video, giving his single sentence dismissals of recent releases in theaters and on DVD a jaunty theme song courtesy of Hard ‘n Phirm. Check it:

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The new version of the just launched late last week. They’re producing their own web shows, but are also using a digg-like “LOL” feature to help pop up content from around the web, befitting the directory-like potential of its name. It’s something I imagine a lot of rising comics might use to publicize their work, particularly with the google-friendly nature of the url.

They’ve also shot quite a bit of stand-up comedy, including this very silly gem from Andy Kaufman Award winning comic Brent Weinbach.

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Human Giant Season 2 Preview: Viral Videos

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One of the videos that Human Giant debuted at their first UCB show teasing their second season has gone online. This sketch shows the unfair lengths it takes to get online celebrity.

Oh, and it features a dude cutting off his dick.

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Meet “Horrible People”

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This is MyDamnChannel’s latest effort, a pitch-perfect soap opera parody, but with a surreal take where characters get away with killing their enemies at the front door of a party. When they premiered it at the ECNY Awards a week or so ago, the entire room was rolling with it, particularly at the title sequence, which is a wonderful rip on “Young and the Restless.”

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Bird Poop In Mouth Fake, Bob Odenkirk Genius

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First there was this:

Which fooled quite a few people apparently. And today there was this posted to Bob Odenkirk’s blog:


If you look at the profile page for the poster of the original video it makes the prank go even deeper. They marked some of the web’s greatest hits as their favorites ( and re-uploaded a couple of them too to bolster the illusion.) Note the keyword stuffing on the original vid too. Who doesn’t mark a viral video “Britney Spears”, even if it has nothing to do with her?

Now, all we need is for Frumondah to become a real drink. Are you listening, Brawndo manufacturers?

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Eugene Mirman, Scientologist

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There’s been quite a few parodies of the Tom Cruise Scientology Video, but the following one by Eugene Mirman is the latest and, I think, one of the best. Kind of proof that no topic can be beaten into the ground if you have the right take on it. Particularly wonderful is how Mirman takes the little detail about Cruise saying that Scientologists are the only one who can help at car accidents and makes it into an obsession that runs throughout.

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UCBComedy Launches with “Shirts vs. Skins”

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Yesterday, the Upright Citizens Brigade launched what they describe as their “third stage”, They’re making original web videos for it, the first being the clip below called “Shirts vs. Skins.” It’s a little Not Safe For Work.

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