Bird Poop In Mouth Fake, Bob Odenkirk Genius

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First there was this:

Which fooled quite a few people apparently. And today there was this posted to Bob Odenkirk’s blog:


If you look at the profile page for the poster of the original video it makes the prank go even deeper. They marked some of the web’s greatest hits as their favorites ( and re-uploaded a couple of them too to bolster the illusion.) Note the keyword stuffing on the original vid too. Who doesn’t mark a viral video “Britney Spears”, even if it has nothing to do with her?

Now, all we need is for Frumondah to become a real drink. Are you listening, Brawndo manufacturers?

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Posted by steve e. on 02/02  at  01:36 AM

heh, I figured it was fake too

Posted by JackSzwergold on 02/04  at  01:43 AM

It seemed fake when I saw it, but the payoff more than makes up for that.  Excellent social engineering of web videos.  Bob Odenkirk should keep on doing short and spot-on stuff like this.

Posted by Bonnie Arnold on 02/06  at  07:12 PM

So, figured this was said and done - but just found this response to Bird Poops in Mouth.  Even funnier than the original - even knowing that the whole thing is a fake.

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