Category: Stand-Up Comedy

Jim Gaffigan Walks the Bacon’s Edge

Can you handle what Jim Gaffigan is delivering in his new special “King Baby”? Well, can you? (Probably) Read More

Robin Williams Brings His “Weapons of Self-Destruction” to Broadway

Includes incredibly brief videos of Williams' localized gags. Read More

Jim Gaffigan vs. Larry Reeb: Joke Stealing and the Nature of Glasses

The laws of mental logic are inviolate and that's why joke stealing doesn't make a lot of sense. Read More

Trailer for “Funny People” a Good Warning

The sneak look at the upcoming Judd Apatow film suggests something more serious, so we'll all know what we're getting into. Read More

George Carlin Posthumously Receives the Mark Twain Prize Tonight

George Carlin receives the 2008 Mark Twain Prize tonight. It was not supposed to be post-humorous tribute to George Carlin, but he goddamn died soon after hearing he would receive it. From the looks… Read More

Jake Johannsen Making an “Overnight Comeback”

The comic's next hour special is in the works, but for what network? Read More

Letterman Rights the Bill Hicks Wrong

A long censored performance by Bill Hicks from the Late Show saw air tonight, and Letterman showed a generous amount of class to make up for the mistake. Read More
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