George Carlin Posthumously Receives the Mark Twain Prize Tonight

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George Carlin receives the 2008 Mark Twain Prize tonight. It was not supposed to be post-humorous tribute to George Carlin, but he goddamn died soon after hearing he would receive it. From the looks of some of the promo videos, it seems like the show will be in the right spirit despite George’s unfortunate absence.

Here’s a particularly insightful clip from Jon Stewart, who details exactly how Carlin would lure you in with a fun little verbal notion, and then when he had you, introduce a larger truth.

“George Carlin: The Mark Twain Prize” airs tonight on PBS at 9PM, and then has subsequent re-airing later this week. Check your local listings.

After the jump, here’s part of the “Place for Your Stuff” routine and then Margaret Cho going through some of George Carlin’s actual stuff that he saved all his life:

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Posted by Matthew Bulman on 02/04  at  10:33 PM

I’ve always considered Carlin more of a poet than most comedians.  He certainly deserves to be in the same category of “Literary” figure as the namesake award.  Goodonya, says Australia!

Sam Vargo
Posted by Sam Vargo on 02/13  at  08:18 AM

I think old Sam Clemens would give the old boy a big smile and a pat on the back for a lifelong job of totally “WELL DONE” performances. Carlin was a true comic satirist in the really bonafide world of late 20th Twain -

Congrats, George!!!

Posted by Seth on 02/25  at  01:09 PM

I caught this on PBS. It was INSPIRING. Whatever you want to do in life, Carlin showed you how to do it: with dedication and authenticity.

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