Category: Stand-Up Comedy

PBS Looks into What Will “Make ’Em Laugh”

PBS begins a six part exploration into American humor which looks to have a depth and a stretching broadness. And a seventh part on the web that's a bit of a goof. Read More

Review: Aaron Karo’s “Just Go Talk to Her”

It’s little surprise Comedy Central opted to release the Ruminations author/columnist’s debut digitally: like June’s Bo Burnhan precursor, it’s a far less riskier way to roll… Read More

Louis CK’s “Chewed Up” hits CD/DVD December 16

He’s easily in my current Top 10, Top 5, even Top 2 of comics working today not simply for his material/persona, but Louis CK’s post-Lucky Louie re-dedication to the art form (see also a… Read More

Review: Mike Birbiglia‚Äôs “Sleepwalk With Me”

Birbiglia delivers his most cohesive and introspective material yet. Read More

Making Fun of the Zebras isn’t Edgy

Guest Poster Matt Ruby of the comedy blog Sandpaper Suit tells why comics need to go into the lion's den. Read More

Four Cautionary Tales for Setting Stand-Up to Music

Setting punchlines to music is dangerous. Watching these will make you appreciate Zach and Demetri all the more. Read More

Hey Comedy Nerds, Here’s Patton Oswalt’s Comedy for Nerds

Video and audio from his recent appearance at Blizzcon. Read More
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