Category: Pranks

Bunny Burgers: Spy Magazine’s Real Satiric Bite

Regular people bite into the fake fast food, but also the real target of the prank. Read More

Triumph at Comic-Con: A Peek Into the Sausage Factory of Insult Comedy

NBC put up their version of Triumph's report, but some Comic-Con attendees got their own coverage of the event and show a little about how Smigel assemble the dog's insult comedy. Read More

Hey, What’s Zach Galifianakis Been Up To Lately?

A book deal, a quirky film and confusing young co-eds. Read More

Filming Bruno: The Audience is What Makes It Funny

The antics of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno depend on reactions. Thank God for local news media. Read More

Bird Poop In Mouth Fake, Bob Odenkirk Genius

Odenkirk shows how to best found comedy. Read More

Huckabee and the National Igloo: In Politics is it Ever Just a Joke?

Can a sketch and prank change an undecided voter's mind? Read More

Tim & Eric Call Apple iTunes, Re: Podcast

Tim and Eric try and secure some funding. Read More
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