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Fired! - Both Live and Movie

Being let go by Woody Allen was the best thing that ever happened to Annabelle Gurwitch. Read More

Art School Confidential

My first disappointment of the festival. Find out why. Read More

Movie: Thank You For Smoking

Was looking forward to this one and it didn’t disappoint. Based off the fantastic Christopher Buckley book (Bizarrely, i felt stupid when I asked people if they read it and they said… Read More

Sundance Plays Odenkirk’s “Pity Card”

Reader Sean Smith dropped word that Bob Odenkirk’s short “The Pity Card”, a segment from his television pilot “Derek and Simon” is now up on the Sundance Website. Watch… Read More

“Smoking” Good Trailer

“Thank You For Smoking” was a rare laugh-out-loud novel. The trailer for the film adaptation shows it might be a fantastic indie satire as well. Read More

Bob Odenkirk at Sundance

Another TV project of the Mr. Show co-creator doesn't get made into a series, but we can still see part of it. Read More

Sarah Silverman =/≠ Lenny Bruce?

In the press, Sarah Silverman is the next Lenny Bruce almost as often as she's hot. Are the comparisons fair? Read More
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