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Louis C.K. and Larry Charles: Two Reasons to Read the New Esquire

They had stupid answers for who the next Dane Cook would be, but Esquire redeems itself by featuring two of the greatest comedy minds of today in its August issue. Read More

The Uncensored Trailer for David Wain’s “The Ten”

David Wain's new sketch film revolves around the Ten Commandments. And thanks to NBC opening up dotcomedy do embedding media, we have the 11th: Thou shalt let people borrow. Read More

Jamie Kennedy’s Heckler: If You Can’t Say Something Nasty…

Though it sounds like a documentary about stand-up, Heckler covers criticism where everyone wants to be the one who’s entertaining. Read More

Found: Sidesplitters starring Lewis Black and Jim Norton

A little short featuring the unlikely duo of Black and Norton portraying Burt & Dick, a vaudeville team who's completely talentless and insanely vulgar. Read More

Inside Joke with Hot Fuzz

Caught a special screening of the upcoming film, followed by a conversation with creators Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Is Hot Fuzz worth seeing? Read More

Reno 911!: Miami - My Thoughts

I caught the sketch/improv/sitcom/mockumentary hybrid at a late matinee. And with the caveat I saw it with a much less that full audience, I had a few problems. Read More

Mitch Hedberg’s “Los Enchiladas”

Off our review of the Mitch Hedberg tribute, here’s some clips from his self-written and directed film “Los Enchiladas.” Read More
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