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A Talk with The Aristocrats Director Paul Provenza

Why Steven Wright’s was so dark, Sarah Silverman’s so virtuoso and why if audiences don’t laugh, it’s not a bad thing. Read More

The Aristocrats: A Review.

The most common retort I see online from people talking about “The Aristocrats” movie is “I’m curious but 90 minutes of the same joke getting told over and over again is going… Read More

Making “Fun” for Audiences

Video excerpts are up from the “Making Fun of Filmmaking” conference at the SxSW Festival. Interesting stuff from Patton Oswalt and Paul Provenza about censorship, sort of a contrast to my… Read More

Sarah Silverman’s “Magic” Trailer

The South by Southwest festival has put up a trailer for a documentary about Sarah Silverman's stand-up show “Jesus is Magic.” (click on the low bandwidth version, the high doesn't seem to work… Read More

Does Comedy Lack Social Importance or is Sundance Too Self Important?

On Blogging Sundance, Jason Calacanis wonders if there should not be a separate award at the Sundance Film Festival for Comedy, citing that funny films just can’t compete against films that are… Read More

And Then the Mother Fing… Wait, I’m Telling it Wrong.

Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette premiered their new film “Aristocrats” at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is primarily the telling of one joke over and over again by comics as varied… Read More

AFI Discovers Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s getting the AFI Star Award at this year’s Aspen Comedy Festival. Yawn. Considering the state of film comedy, I’m surprised Jim Carrey didn’t win sooner. Of course,… Read More
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