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Interview: Alex Zalben, Sketchfest NYC

New York City’s second annual Sketchfest starts this Thursday with three days of performances from the best groups not only in the Big Apple, but across the country. I talked to Alex Zalben… Read More

Interview: Matt Besser, Upright Citizens Brigade and “Woo Pig Sooie” one man show.

Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Besser takes about taking his one-man show “Woo Pig Sooie” to the bible belt, as well as the growth of UCB and the sometimes cult of Del Close. Read More

AristoContest 6 - God Damn Us, Everyone

The Aristocrats joke keeps on keeping on despite our contest winner desire to kill it. Read More

Chappelle Plans Surprise Seattle Show

Previously unannouced and tickets go on sales today (2/15/06) at 1 PM. Read More

AristoContest Five. Hell’s Too Good for us Now.

When I nearly vomited at the first one, I couldn't imagine enduring this nonsense to five shows. Find out who won V2 Records $100 Prize. Read More

Fourth AristoContest - Now Actually a Contest!

We break the Rule of Three by holding this contest a fourth time - but at least this time we had prizes! Read More

Sir AristoContest the Third

It was a most hysterical evening, if you can handle pictures of vaginas covered in sores. Read More
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