Fourth AristoContest - Now Actually a Contest!

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Thanks to the fine folks of V2 records, performing comics won prizes instead of a figuartive sloppy wet kiss from the sub-cockles of my heart (I have no idea what my fellow producer Alex Zalben gives them). This Aristocontest was a “Best of’ - bringing winners from the first three back to perform their filthy, horrific jokes once again - ensuring each a special place in Heaven, right next to Jerry Falwell. Thanks again to Bob Powers, Katherine Bryant (and the censoring and vomiting Alex Goldberg), Baron Vaughn and runners-up Bob Wiltfong and Kurt Braunohler. All got funny stuff going on besides offending their mothers by participating in this bullshit. Go see them do that.

And the winner of the $100 grand prize was… Andres Dubouchet! You can read his winning joke here. Be sure to hit him up for cab fare if you see him - you know he’s got the money now. That prize money was supplied by the CD Soundtrack for The Aristocrats movie (buy it now) .

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Posted by danielle on 12/05  at  12:21 PM

It’s true, Andres DuBouchet looks like Vincent Donofrio!

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