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Bonnaroo: David Cross, Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll - “You Might Be a Deadneck”

While at the music fest, Cross and co. have some fun at the expense at Blue Collar Comedy Tour’s Jeff Foxworthy and dirty, dirty hippies Read More

Look Who’s Laughing: Women in Comedy Panel

The Tribeca Film Festival gathered Rachel Dratch, Susie Essman, Rachael Harris, Debra Messing and Samantha Bee and asked why some believe that vagina ownership prevents funny. Highlights include the… Read More

Melbourne Comedy Fest: Laughter has Rhythm

A brilliant spot for the Montreal Comedy Festival. Yes, a comedy festival that advertises. On TV! Read More

SF Sketchfest: Red Wine Boys

A good friend in San Francisco recaps this show from the SF Sketchfest featuring two kinds of red stuff: Wine and Blood. Read More

San Francisco Sketchfest Coming Next Week

Dead-Frog's sponsoring the 2007 festivities in San Fran. If we could be there, who would we see. Well, almost everything. But here's some highlights... Read More

Win Tickets for “In the Spirit of Bill: A Tribute to Bill Hicks”

If you're in NYC, see how you might win a chance to attend this once a year event. Read More

Don Rickles: “Mr. Warmth”

Though he's the king of the putdown, they don't call him “Mr. Warmth” for nothing. Read More
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