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Post Comedy Fests, Just a Big Mess?

Comedy fests can expose local talent, but are they actually bad for the local comedy scene? Read More

An Alternative to Tonight’s SNL: The Black Comedy Experiment

A festival shows there's as many ways to be funny and black as there are being funny and white (or any race for that matter). Read More

Invite Them Up Ends.

Only saw the second half of the last show, but I noticed something that might suggest that I'll see more than that someday... Read More

TBS and Just For Laughs Team for a Chicago “Very Funny Festival”

Chicago gets a big five day comedy festival. But is it filling in for the lost deal-making Aspen Comedy Festival or something else entirely? Read More

SF Sketchfest: Freaks and Geeks Speak!

Ian Lendler, our man in San Fran, gives his second report from the Sketchfest. Freaks and Geeks may not seem like a natural for Dead-Frog, but this is exactly the show I would have picked as well.… Read More

SF Sketchfest: An Evening with Dr. Katz Professional Therapist

Our man in San Fran gives his first of two reports on a festival that he believes is rivaling, perhaps besting, Aspen and Montreal. Read More

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Live - The Comedy Festival, Day 1

How will their eccentric brand of comedy fare in Las Vegas? Read More
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