Category: Live Events

Sasquatch Comedy Tent, Part 1

My good friend Julie Seabaugh shares the best and worst of the comedy offerings from this Washington state based music fest. Read More

Stand-Uppity Tour

West-coast and midwest comedy nerds can celebrate their great taste with a show that asserts you're superior. Read More

Fabrice Fabrice at Bonnaroo

He handles craft services last year but who will serve the funny folks this year. Read More

Who Threw a Bottle at Lewis Black? And Why? The Bonnaroo Conspiracy

A viral video looks into the truth behind what appears at first to be a bit of innocent asshole-ry. Read More

CIMBY: Comedy, In My Backyard

A low-fi show that played as an alternative to the Vegas festival shows stand-up intimate, rough and communal. Read More

More Stand-Up on TBS?

A job description to head up its upcoming comedy fests suggestion TBS wants stand-up. Read More

Jewno and the Purim Party

Watch a parody trailer promoting a very kosher show. Read More
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