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Katt Williams riffs on truth, lies, chicken wing shortages and the war on drugs in this electrifying stand-up special filmed in Las Vegas.

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World War III: The War against Drugs || Katt Williams: World War III (2023)


Katt Williams on Liars and Chicken Wings | Katt Williams: World War III

The King of underground comedy delivers unflinching riffs on the American political climate, racial tensions, sex and his disdain for roast beef.

In this special live event, giants of stand-up come together to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Russell Simmons's groundbreaking "Def Comedy Jam."

Katt Williams's 2008 special finds the outspoken comic offering his unique take on the bizarre world of U.S. politics, from Obama to Bush to Clinton.

An aspiring actor leaves Hollywood and takes to the road to do stand-up after he's cast in a series of increasingly stereotypical black" roles."