Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” - What’s Wrong with this Picture?

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A nice find from The Awl, which has the cover for “Bossypants”, Tina Fey’s upcoming book for Little, Brown. It’s being shown off at the Frankfurt Book Fair. “30 Rock” can be wonderfully silly in the big ways a sitcom needs to be, but I like the subtlety of this piece of silliness. And yet, it’s still fairly easy to spot. Check it:

“Bossypants” isn’t expected on shelves (or your Kindle or iPad for that matter) until April of 2011.

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Posted by alyssa on 11/16  at  01:03 PM

nice. maybe ill look for it. she is pretty funny. miss her on snl. she needs to host or something.

Posted by Shane McCarthy on 12/13  at  03:04 PM

Can’t wait, tIna is great as palin. and i caught the palin alaska show, i mean wtf

Posted by annie on 03/12  at  08:21 PM

so jazzed up for this.  Serious.  Jazzed the fuck UP.

Posted by Ambrose Mugwump on 06/15  at  06:48 AM

She may be funny, but this pic is just plain creepy!



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