Greg Giraldo Dead at 44

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There’s no way of making sense of this, but Greg Giraldo is dead at the age of 44. His death comes just five days after he was found unconscious in his New Jersey hotel room, reportedly due to a overdose of prescription medication. Friend and fellow comedian Jim Norton was the first to relay the news through his twitter account.

The man made a lot of people laugh hard, me included. This is one of the bits that always got me, no matter how many times I heard it. It’s called “Death by Chocolate” and it starts about two minutes into this clip.

Condolences can be left on Greg’s Facebook page

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Posted by klaus on 09/29  at  05:55 PM

I am absolutely speechless. I cannot believe this happened

Posted by chelsea on 09/29  at  06:24 PM

Very, very sad. He was one of my favorite comedians - I was just commenting the other day how I’d hope to see him live someday. :(

Posted by Seven minutes on 09/30  at  02:08 AM

OMG!!  This has come as a real shock to me.  One of a few who could make me laugh.  He will be missed.  R.I.P. Greg

Posted by Jessica on 11/16  at  01:02 PM

Um this really makes me sad. He spoke the truth but made it funny so it wasnt to hard to handle. Sad sad day when America is full of fast food. Yes people dont have to shovel that stuff into there bodies but its hard to pass up when there is a fast food joint on every corner. I really found this guy to be hilarious. Sad =(

Posted by chief_karaho on 12/03  at  02:30 PM

Unbelievable, in my eyes one of the funniest and made me laugh so many times even alone. I heard and saw everything he ever made. wev’e lost a hero and a briliant man. I hope there’s coke and streapers wherever he may be. RIP.

Posted by Erick Olson on 12/03  at  03:48 PM

I am so sad about Greg’s death he was one of the stand comic’s that I looked up too in my comedy career.

Posted by Shane McCarthy on 12/13  at  03:09 PM

What a loss, this guy made me laugh every time. he will be missed.

Posted by montreal comedy blog on 02/16  at  11:26 AM

R.I.P. You will be missed!

Posted by Anthony Lanci on 02/22  at  09:25 AM

He was very funny and very under appreciated . One of the funniest comics ever . He will be missed and always remembered . Would have loved to see him and Norton on the same bill one day , but I guess I’ll just have to settle for Jim . Love you Jim Norton .

Posted by Jesse on 04/21  at  07:50 PM

What a loss. I remember him on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn and the guy always made me laugh. He had that edgey, shameless type of comedy I love.

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