Review: Aaron Karo’s “Just Go Talk to Her”

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It’s little surprise Comedy Central opted to release the Ruminations author/columnist’s debut digitally: like June’s Bo Burnhan precursor, it’s a far less riskier way to roll the dice on an untested, or, in Karo’s case, highly polarizing talent. On one hand there are the 50,000-plus mailing-list devotees the animated 20-something has amassed since his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania. On the other there are those who have actually seen Karo perform outside of a Student Rec Center. The latter may be inclined the write him off as Dane Cook by way of a Frat House; an alcohol-and-sex-obsessed (and moderately sexist) preacher on the merits of Dudedom not nearly as funny as he is a pandering to a crowd that doesn’t know any better. And those latter detractors would be pretty much dead on.

Talk’s hour of material falls into three categories: Getting drunk, getting laid and getting laid while drinking. There are shades of Dave Attell in the tales of excess (and in a later chunk on a one-time-use vibrating cock ring), as well as surprising hints of Jeff Foxworthy (“You know you’re a Voluntary Alcoholic if…”). Callbacks are shoehorned in with brute force, and even when he attempts a bit of crowd work, patter concerning nachos falls distractingly flat, though far more distracting is the album’s mixing, which grants the hooting, shrieking audience as much play as the headliner. As far as Karo’s observations on females, er, sorry…“chicks” go, there’s little introspection and even less empathy. “Breakups are tough…if you’re a girl,” he chuckles. “If I had a girlfriend I was thinking about proposing to, I’d relish it as long as possible. I’d buy a ring…and then wear it on my cock. And then get a tattoo right there that said, ‘Ain’t payback a bitch?’”

Upon noticing a “hot chick” in the car zooming past at 60 miles per hour, Karo quips, “I guess I kinda just felt she was hot. I think maybe I had Spider-Sense. ‘Cause my balls started tingling.” He’s definitely got an admirable flare for business, but he has yet to use that power for good instead of evil. But give Karo time. Now that he’s staring down 30, he might venture from the stifling Bros Before Hoes Approach. The storytelling skills and likability are there, it’s just a matter of applying it to material of substance. Surely he wouldn’t mind joining the ranks of his peers who get paid, laid and praised?

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Posted by Chase Roper on 12/07  at  08:45 AM

But he really knew a thing or two about Exchange Traded Funds. I’ve got to hand it to him on that.

Posted by Little H on 12/09  at  08:08 PM

I’ve been listening to Karo’s album pretty much on repeat since it was released, and each time it only gets funnier. I say this as a typical girl. One who does watch as her friends take shots of lemon drops, make out with a random boy, and then runs away. Karo’s stories, from text message booty calls, to the 16 girl dinners, and even the facebook break ups all apply to the people in my life in one way or another. His stories are only highlighted by his delivery and the little nuances in his voice. Personally I couldn’t disagree more with your review, and think Karo nailed it.

Posted by Annoyed on 01/08  at  09:24 PM

I happened across this guy by chance… and I’ve regretted it since.  Lowest common denominator, over-sexed relationship advice from a man whose entire appearance just screams, “date rapist.”

I’ll give him this, though: when people ask me why I didn’t go to frat parties in college… I can save myself the story and simply point to this oily troglodyte.

Someone get the friggin hook and pull this fool off the stage.  Let a comedian have a shot at it.

Posted by Streetz on 01/18  at  01:03 PM

Re: the previous comment by “Annoyed.”

Maybe you didn’t go to frat parties in college because you were too busy writing negative comments on blogs on Saturday Nights.

I wouldn’t get Karo’s comedy either if I had never been with a woman.  Douche.

Posted by Elle on 01/23  at  11:51 PM

A friend of mine made me listen to Karo’s new album and I became addicted ever since. It’s unfortunate that individuals that aren’t his intended audience are bashing it. (Not to mention that if you regret stumbling upon his work, I’m not so sure as to why you’d take the time to write a negative review on it.. ) However everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

As for me, I can’t wait until I can see him perform on stage if it’s half as good as the material on the album. For anyone who enjoys drinking, dating, or the pursuit of the opposite sex, this is a must listen. Guarantee you after it’s done you’ll be salivating for more.

Posted by Chucky on 02/04  at  09:51 PM

I’m not sure why this reviewer calls Karo “polarizing.”  What’s polarizing about him?  I’ve seen Karo live twice - at the House of Blues in Chicago and the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.  both times filled with fun-loving twentysomethings and thirtysomethings.  both times he killed.  Saying that Karo is “pandering to a crowd that doesn’t know any better” is insulting to me.  and seems like an accusation made up out of thin air.  Loved “Just Go Talk to Her.”  If you’ve ever had a date or had a one-night stand, you’ll love it too.

Posted by Felix on 12/15  at  11:32 AM

Aaron Karo talks about 3 Things:  hooking up, drinking, and hooking up while drinking.
  But I’ve had friends tell a better bar story. It’s pathetic how cocky he acts for such a bad comedian. I love how he tries to act out to the croud. I think this is what the author referred to as pandering.
If you are a bro or a hoe, you might consider this guy to be your king.
I didn’t laugh while watching this jerk perform. I felt sorry that people had payed to listen to his poor delivery.

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