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Maria Bamford’s new album “Ask Me About My New God” coming July 16.

Maria Bamford’s new album “Ask Me About My New God” coming July 16.

A new album from Maria Bamford is always something to look forward to, even if much of the material is from her self-released “the special special special!” last year. The difference here: you get… Read More

Was Lost, But Now Found. The State’s “Comedy For Gracious Living”

The aptly-named Comedy Nerds have made a discovery that’s quite welcome. The State’s “Comedy for Gracious Living” - the lost album recorded by the group for Warner Brothers… Read More

Review: Aaron Karo’s “Just Go Talk to Her”

It’s little surprise Comedy Central opted to release the Ruminations author/columnist’s debut digitally: like June’s Bo Burnhan precursor, it’s a far less riskier way to roll… Read More

Louis CK’s “Chewed Up” hits CD/DVD December 16

He’s easily in my current Top 10, Top 5, even Top 2 of comics working today not simply for his material/persona, but Louis CK’s post-Lucky Louie re-dedication to the art form (see also a… Read More

Four Cautionary Tales for Setting Stand-Up to Music

Setting punchlines to music is dangerous. Watching these will make you appreciate Zach and Demetri all the more. Read More

Sirius Mitch Hedberg Special (Plus: Giveaway!)

Learn about a special Mitch Hedberg radio tribute and Dead-Frog's giveaway of “Do You Believe in Gosh?” Read More

Preview: Mitch Hedberg’s “Do You Believe in Gosh”

The album shows the comic was more than just a joke machine, but this clips shows how smoothly than machine ran. Read More
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