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George Lopez v. Dave Chappelle: Is This Joke Stealing?

At the 2008 Grammys, George Lopez did a joke that seemed very familiar to fans of Dave Chappelle. Watch, compare and decide: is this joke stealing? Read More

Joke Stealing in Fashion, But You Can’t Knock It Off

My high falutin' thoughts on how the industries of haute couture and fart jokes intersect. Read More

Sarah Silverman’s VMA Joke: The Pause that Releases

Sometimes you're not judged by how you told the joke, but how someone else tells your joke. And in that case, a pause can make all the difference. Read More

Albert Brooks Famous School for Comedians

After yesterday Stop Snitching Post, I happen to find some other comedy about comedy lying around the web. Read More

Joke Stealing? Stop Snitching.

The Comedy by the Numbers Professors have a message for all those hater comics out there. Read More

Steve Irwin Jokes: Too Soon or Just Enough?

South Park makes a joke about Steve Irwin, but the joke is about whether it’s too soon to make fun of Steve Irwin. Read More

Cheney Season Still Open

A heart attack doesn't have to stop jokes about the Vice President shooting another man, just look at the Daily Show. Read More
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