Category: Jokes

The iPhone App “This Just In” - A Monologue in Your Pocket

The only kind of humor available on the iPhone has been fart noises, until this new app featuring current events jokes from comedy writers. Read More

Jim Gaffigan vs. Larry Reeb: Joke Stealing and the Nature of Glasses

The laws of mental logic are inviolate and that's why joke stealing doesn't make a lot of sense. Read More

Abort The Joke Stealing Talk: Doug Stanhope and Dane Cook

To people who hate Dane Cook, any accusation of thievery is true. Even if Doug Stanhope was making fun of it when he aired it. Read More

LCS Comic Called Out for What’s Probably Parallel Thinking by Ant

Ant, who's been accused of joke stealing, basically accuses an LCS comic of stealing a joke. Why not instead introduce the idea of parallel thinking? Read More

Clapter Stealing: Bill Hicks vs. Bill Maher

A side comment about a documentary as conspiracy theory, elicits a charge that's a little shy of joke stealing. Read More

Laughing with Hitler

A documentary looks at what happened to comedy in Nazi Germany. Read More

SNL and What’s So Funny About Barack Obama?

Saturday Night Live found an Obama in Fred Armisen, but has anybody found a good (or lame) joke about the candidate? Read More
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