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ComedyAddicted says:
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Very funny guy, loved the show.  One of my new favorite comedians.

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Blue Jay Scott says:
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His act is nothing without preparation.  That means he is working for you when he’s offstage.  There is no ego and no hypocrisy.  His material is solid, and that means he spends hours working out the shitty bits so that the final product is first rate.   

Not everyone has to be edgy, witty, and political.  This guy will make you laugh.  Keep up the good work dude.

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bdub37 says:
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Material: 43211

You know what….God bless him.  Nobody is doing what he’s doing.  I admitt, he is a little off the wall, but I think some of his gags are pretty funny….Keep up the good work, Top!!

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