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Jokes by David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier on College Dating

I couldn't get a date the entire freshman year of college. The whole year I spend… well, they call it stalking now. But I call it getting to know you.

David Alan Grier’s Advice to Women

Ladies, you got to look for a man like you look for a job. Do you research. Run a credit check on ‘em. Meet his baby’s mamas. You don’t just drive him to the methadone clinic. Go inside! Meet the people!

David Alan Grier on STDs

In 1999, if you come down with a case of Gonorrhea, be happy. You should be thankful. That is a blessing from God. These days, that don't mean a damn thing. Cause they got some diseases out there. I'm not talking about HIV, they got some Ebola of Nuts. You might not even make it to your car.