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mjparker says:
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Don’t waste your money.  The comedian that warmed up the audience before David Allen Grier’s performance was excellent.  Once the “star” actually came out, we were bored out of our minds.  We counted 173 people leaving the show during the perfomance and that was only on our level.  He isn’t funny at all, and his routine doesn’t come together on any level.  He jumps from topic to topic as if he has no clue what he will say next.  Not funny at all.  A total waste of money.  Go put your $55 in a slot machine instead.  We were successful in telling people in line for the 10:30 show not to waste their money.  He is just not funny.  Nobody in our party laughed, not even once!  And if you can’t make us laugh, then you won’t make anyone laugh, because we are easily entertained!

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