Chris Rock on Gun Control

You don't need no gun control. We need some bullet control. I think all bullets should cost $5,000. If a bullet cost $5,000, there'll be no more innocent bystanders. Every time somebody gets shot it'll be like, "Man, he must have done something. Shit, they put $50,000 worth of bullets in his ass."

Chris Rock on Africa

The only thing I know about Africa is that it's far, far away. A thirty-five-hour flight. Imagine the boat ride. The boat ride's so long, there are still slaves on their way here.

Chris Rock on prenups

Everybody needs a prenuptial agreement. People think you gotta be rich to get a prenup. Oh no! You got 20 million and your wife want 10, big deal! You ain't starvin'. But if you make 30,000… and your wife want 15, you might have to kill her.

Chris Rock on poor whites

I got bused to school into a poor white neighborhood. A neighborhood worse than the one I lived in. And everybody's scared of black people, everybody's scared of Puerto Ricans. Yo, there ain't nothing scarier than poor white people… Yo, these muthafuckers, they lived under the trailer home, alright. They weren't white trash, they're like white toxic waste.

Chris Rock on raising kids

It don't take no scientist to tell who gonna have fucked up kids. If the kid calls his grandmomma mommy and his momma Pam, he going to jail.

Chris Rock on AIDS cure

They ain’t curing AIDS. They ain’t never curing AIDS. They ain’t never curing AIDS. Don’t even think about that shit. There ain’t no money in the cure. The money’s in the medicine. That’s how you get paid. On the comeback. That’s how a drug dealer makes his money. On the comeback. That’s all the government is. A bunch of motherfucking drug dealers. On the comeback. They ain’t curing no AIDS.