Preview: Dana Carvey, Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies

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Seeing Dana Carvey back with a solo act is something I’ve been looking forward to - much more than I ever would a reunion with Mike Myers for Wayne’s World (as they did at the MTV Movie Awards). So I’m looking forward to his new HBO Special, “Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies.”

One reason why is that Carvey had some health troubles a few years ago that kept him from the public eye and working much. Thankfully he’s much better, but a mixed blessing from these problems when you’re a stand-up is that you can find new material. Material that’s often, in my mind, better because it’s more personal… you have a unique experience than paradoxically has a broader appeal because you hit some common touchstones as you talk about it. Since Carvey trades in a lot of impressions, it’ll be interesting to see how he will or will not live up to that.

Here’s a clip that gives some suggestion of how he might handle it:

After the jump is another clip, featuring some material from Carvey that’s rapidly reaching its expiration date on the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Good thing they’re airing this on Saturday.

Obama vs. Hillary - Dana Carvey

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