Bill Maher’s Religulous: Blunter Than Borat?

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After first reading about the movie project Religulous, I wondered how the “let people hang themselves” style of Borat director Larry Charles will work with Bill Maher, a much blunter comedian. We have some indication of that with the trailer, which doesn’t really have much in the way of the slow roll pranking, but leans far more to Maher interviewing religious figures.

For more detail on what the film might be, here’s the full story about Larry Charles from Esquire.

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Posted by chesslee on 06/17  at  01:20 AM

This movie looks great… looks like Maher will be callin’ out these religious nuts to their faces.  Borat’s more drawn-out character work was excellent, as well, but this looks rich—can’t wait to see some of these jerks squirm.

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