Mary Lynn Rajskub: Comedy Product No Longer in Stock

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While researching older stand-up showcases for addition to the Stand-Up Comedy Database, I found this from Comedy Central’s mid 90s alt comic showcase “Comedy Product” with Mary Lynn Rajskub. I can’t really imagine anything like it airing on Comedy Central today. Some would definitely call it more akin to performance art. She seems so sincere here that it grounds it enough to make it funny.

Also, at the beginning, in case you didn’t get the reference, Garofalo is talking about Comedy Condos, residences owned by clubs to put up traveling road comics. And judging from the promo at the end, with “Exit 57” as a lead-in, that block was like a government mandated hour for comedy nerds.

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Posted by Nathan Smart on 10/04  at  02:34 PM

I have a VHS of this show which, I think, has two episodes.  It’s something that Comedy Central sold and I bought it on Amazon years ago.  It was a great show.

The two episodes I have feature Bobcat Goldthwaite, Bob Odenkirk, Julia Sweeney and Andy Dick.  It’s pretty funny.

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