“Role Models” Trailer and Poster

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If there’s anybody who deserves a hit movie, it’s David Wain. His Wainy Days web shorts have been nothing short of genius and “Wet Hot American Summer” still holds up as probably how to extend and make a spoof of a movie genre a winning movie in its own right.

I’m hoping “Role Models” brings his sensibility to a larger audience. It’s got a pretty high concept premise - two guys become big brothers to kids to avoid going to jail. Though it’s perhaps framed like a conventional comedy, this red banned trailer shows how eccentrically dirty the film will be. Plus, Paul Rudd and Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse!

After the jump, the poster for “Role Models” (courtesy of VideoGum), which while not funny, kinda shows that at least their marketing this in a way that might trick people into seeing something that looks good.

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Posted by J Hobart B on 10/15  at  12:45 PM

I’m just glad to see it’s not the cast against a white background, with the title in a big, chunky red font.

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