Abort, Retry, Banana Peel

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Came across this press release in my inbox today for “Expert Comedy Writing” software apparently used to by Drew Carey and Steve Oedekerk (so that’s how he got the idea to put talking thumbs inside pop culture parodies!). Apparently it works on helping you work out associations between ideas, which means it’s just a $200 notebook. An old-school spiral notebook would be just as effective… look at the results for Demetri Martin.

This curiously enough, made me think about whether we’ll ever get funny machines… Hal 9000 crossed with Hal Sparks. Though computers have logic and comedy has logic, the syllogism breaks down on computers and comedy. Simply because comedy has the kind of logic that isn’t. And yet is. To a computer everything is a number. Humans can’t tell what number something is, so right there, we get the possibility of comedic exaggeration. If a robot ever enjoys the idea of comedic exaggeration, it’ll be a light chuckle about crushing it’s 1,834,236th human skull.

You can tell I was a philosophy major, huh?

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Posted by Gumphood on 10/14  at  11:59 AM

I would take sex over baseball too.  Well, if I wasn’t a Red Sox fan.

Posted by danielle on 11/09  at  03:40 PM

isn’t it true that red sox fans don’t have sex?  that’s why they’re so obsessed with curses.  😊

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