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Cast and Crew Make National Lampoon Movie Anything But “A Futile & Stupid Gesture”

A film about the founding of the National Lampoon seems like a Bad Idea. But when you get the right people... idea starts looking better. Maybe even great. Read More

My Wall Street Journal

Murdoch and News Corp House Style gets sent up in this parody as travesty. Read More

Monkeying with MAD

MAD isn't beholden to aping movies and tv shows. This month they do a different kind of aping. Read More

Army Man and the Last Writers Strike: Lessons for Today?

The 'zine that was the source for the Simpsons writing staff could tell us something about today's writers strike. Read More

Interview: Kurt Andersen, former co-editor, Spy Magazine

Kurt Andersen, the former co-editor of the much-imitated humor magazine Spy, touches upon the influence of Spy's predecessor Mad, the end of the Irony Epidemic and the so-called Harvard Lampoon mafia. Read More

What Makes a Good Humor Magazine?

The soon-to-relaunch Cracked Magazine wants to know. Read More

New Onion Skin Causes No Tears

The humor magazine has a redesign that puts the emphasis on news rather than funny. And that's a good thing. Read More
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