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Timeline: 60 Plus Years of Stand-Up to Explore

A new feature for which I have big plans. But it's a pretty great reference tool as it is now. Read More

Hey, What’s Up with the Site, Todd?

A mea culpa for delinquent blogging and a request for some help. Read More

Dead-Frog on Comical Radio

Listen to my interview here. Read More

Keeping Up with the Stand-Up Comedy Database

Besides the blog, another part of the site I upkeep in the Stand-Up Comedy Database. Here's how you can keep up on what I've been doing with it. Read More

Self Promotion Alert: Dead-Frog on Attack of the Show Again

Got featured on TV again. Watch if you like, but feel free to ignore the post f you don't like shameless (or perhaps in this case, shameful) self-promotion. Read More

Nine Finger Blogging

Might be a little slow this week... Read More

Featured on Attack of the Show

Dead-Frog gets on TV. Watch the segment here. Read More
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