Jon Stewart’s Refined Talk or “You Slam Tucker Carlson Once…”

Stewart's good to neo-cons guest and there's no reason to expect him not to be, if you actually watch the show. Read More

Delayed Saturday Thoughts

There it is, publishing date of July 29, perfect manifestation of the biggest downside of Just For Laughs: The reacclimation. It’s not merely the detoxing, or the catching-up on sleep, or the… Read More

Jon Dore’s Second Act

He’s already a star in Canada for his correspondent gig on CTV’s Canadian Idol as well as The Jon Dore Television Show (A female passerby joined our conversation outside the Cabaret Theatre to… Read More

Cos’ Effect

Leave it to Bill Cosby to put things in perspective. Think two or even three seven-minute Festival sets a night is adequate? On Saturday, Cosby performed to 3,000 in Place des Arts’ cavernous Salle… Read More

Miscellaneous Friday Thoughts

I had made it a point this year to stick to shows featuring artists I rarely had the chance to see live. Thus no Rich Vos, no Christian Finnegan, no Golds either Judy or Elon, no Aziz Ansari, no Marc… Read More

The Bobcat Came Back

“Um, hi, you don’t look the same, either,” Bobcat Goldthwait announced upon taking the stage at Friday’s Bubbling with Laughter show. Though he was due on much earlier, the… Read More

Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry (and TV)

For 16 years, Andy Kindler’s annual State of the Industry lambast has been the must-see credentialed event, the one time suits jockey for sitting room up front, as opposed to elbow room at a… Read More
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