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Favorite Comedians


Jim Gaffigan



Bill Hicks



Jim Norton


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A self-depricating cringe artist, and a razor-sharp wit. Norton is at his best when off the cuff (e.g. radio).


Brian Regan


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Good comedian, and the funniest clean comic out there.


George Carlin


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George Carlin was the junction of all comedic avenues: dark humor, language/semantics, topical, observational, political/social, and -as he aged- a hint of self-deprecation. He covered topics from small (e.g. waking up after sunset) to big (e.g. war, religion, politics, humanity). He was truly innovative and made people think in between laughs. He was one in a million, and I’d bet he’s watching us right now… smiling down at us…


Steven Wright


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His material is very, very entertaining, in that it is based entirely on wordplay and semantics. Wright breaks the mold of “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”


Kathleen Madigan


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A very funny comedienne- draws quite a bit from her own life (e.g. family) which helps keep her material fresh and original.


Lewis Black


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Fantastic comedian, excellent delivery, word choices, etc.


Louis C.K.


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Fantastic Comedian; covers many hackneyed comedic topics (e.g. kids, marriage, technology etc.), but in such a fresh way and from such a fresh standpoint that you can’t help but love his act. Louis also has a way about telling stories that can only be described as a marriage between George Carlin and Aesop.